Caring for your new gazebo

Here at all our gazebos are made to the highest standards using quality materials and design. We want you to enjoy your new outdoor space for many years to come. Here we have a few care instructions to get the very best out of your new gazebo.

Gazebos are first and foremost are designed as a sunshade and pleasant area for eating and entertaining under. All the frames on our gazebos are steel or aluminium and are taken through a special powder coating process which ensures they will resist the outdoor elements. Please use your gazebos only as described in this guide.

Your gazebo must be secured to a hard, flat surface. The legs on all models feature fixing points to secure the structure to the ground. Pegs are supplied for temporary fixing during construction and not designed as a permanent fixing The recommended method is to drill into slabs or concrete, then using expansion bolts firmly securing each leg to the ground. Alternatively, if you have decking, use screws and washers to secure for a firm fit. Both instances will both strengthen the framework and ensure no movement in light winds when the canopy and curtains are in place. Failure to do this may invalidate your warranty.

During bad weather, this includes strong winds and gusts, heavy and/or prolonged rain and heavy snow the fabrics must be removed from the frame. In addition to this the Bexley model, which is a lighter framed gazebo, it may be necessary to dismantle the entire frame.

These precautions are to ensure no damage is caused to the frame work or to the canopy and curtains themselves. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your warranty or any claims for damage being invalid. As the owner of the gazebo it is your responsibility to ensure correct assembly and maintenance. will not be responsible for any damage or injury during construction and maintenance of this product.

We advise a minimum of two people to construct the gazebo.

All our gazebos are not designed for commercial use. 

Please note all our frames are powder coated to protect against corrosion, however as the structure material is steel, rusting will occur over time. If the product is by the coast corrosion may be accelerated.

Please note on our premium 280grm pvc lined canopies Please be advised during the canopy sewing production process small sewing guides may be visible on this product as a result during very heavy down pours some rain may seep through this is not a fault and will not effect the canopy strength or longevity.

By following this simple but important information we are sure your new gazebo will give you many years of pleasure.

For more information or if you require replacement parts and accessories our friendly customer care team are available on 01384 637526 or email

Our products are carefully manufactured and are under constant review, if you would like to share some feedback or have a complaint please talk to our customer care team. Please keep your receipt.